Saturday, 7 August 2010


juz now kol mak.. had a chat cm biase n mak storied to me bout wut happened two days ago.. meter letrik kt umh ad problem and it turn into a small blast of fire. at dat tyme mak went to work while ayah was praying duha n so on, around 8 sumtim i supposed.. ayah didnt realized dat the letrik meter wire was burnin.. atas kuasa Allah the fire didnt spread wild but it end up itam2 at da ceiling, dats wut mak told me.. n due to that electricity for da whole row of houses tripped off.. a neighbour of ours who had seen the fire burnin came to see my father to told bout da fire my father hadnot realized.. mak said adek blajaq eletrical mesti tau pasai menda2 semua ni.. huhh.. the fact is i dn really noe.. i studied for xm , tyme stdy only gune akal x gune bile abeh xm, igtan pn da lupe.. but when u studied ngn hati , even exam da abeh pon.. mende tu sntiasa tersemat dlm hati...
same thing goes to al quran.. bile baca al quran ngn hati , memahami ayat2 dlm al quran tu barulah buley feel deen itu.. now feelin worried coz mak is alone in da ouse, ayah has gone to batu pahat for his sport thing.. really pray to god that mak is safe in da ouse.. pas abeh cakap ngn mak, sempat baca surah yasin pray for her far far away from her but that`s da only i can give her.... anak yg solehah is da best present to give to our parents.....

muqadimmah fil zil quran ; tiada kebetulan yg membuta tuli di muka bumi ini


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